Resolving family disputes through diligent, detail-oriented and experienced alternative dispute resolution

Bringing Decades Of Adjudication Experience To Indiana Families

When a family law conflict arises, the road to a solution does not have to be litigation. Sometimes, it is the skilled use of mediation or arbitration. If you are seeking an experienced and knowledgeable mediator or arbitrator, you need look no farther than Mattingly ADR.

Based in Indianapolis, founder Kimberly Mattingly has nearly three decades of legal experience, including 19 years as a Magistrate Judge in Marion County. She brings honesty, wisdom and dedication to all her dispute resolution services.

Helping Couples Find Mutual Ground

In family law mediation, a neutral mediator sits down with both parties and their attorneys to facilitate mutually satisfactory compromises to issues such as asset division, child custody, child support, parenting time and more. Mediation offers many benefits, including keeping costs down and helping the parties maintain amicable relationships. Through calm professionalism, Ms. Mattingly works with each side to ascertain their priorities and help them arrive at a just agreement.

Fair Decisions That Take Both Sides Into Account

Similar to mediation, arbitration involves an impartial arbitrator sitting down with both parties. The arbitrator listens to both sides of the story, then issues a binding decision. Arbitration offers an alternative to mediation if the parties cannot find a compromise but do not want to take the matter to a Court of public record.

Growing up around divorce, Ms. Mattingly understands the significance that her decision will play on the lives of everyone involved. She considers each side’s case in great detail, then issues a fair-minded decision grounded in the law.

Seek A Skilled Adjudicator For Your Dispute

Whether you are interested in mediation, arbitration or both, Ms. Mattingly is the experienced lawyer to assist you. You can schedule your initial consultation by contacting her law office in Indianapolis. To begin, call 317-489-5497 or send her an email.