Resolving family disputes through diligent, detail-oriented and experienced alternative dispute resolution

Finding Positive Solutions Out Of Court
For Nearly Three Decades

If you have a complex family law dispute on your hands, but you want to resolve it without going to court, then a good next step is to turn to Mattingly ADR.

With nearly 30 years of experience, founding attorney Kim Mattingly uses strategic alternative dispute resolution to help Indiana clients resolve legal challenges privately. Her honesty, compassion and diligent commitment to healthy families draw referrals from many fellow attorneys who seek outside counsel to assist with family law ADR in Indianapolis.

Her primary services include:

Learn more about Ms. Mattingly’s background:

After growing up around divorce, Kim understands the importance of guiding families through conflict as amicably as possible. With her, you have a gentle but strong mediator and adjudicator capable of setting you on the right path.

Do You Need An Arbitrator Or Mediator?

In addition to working as a neutral mediator who helps parties reach their own agreements, she also can be hired as an arbitrator.  Arbitration is a confidential, out of court process where the arbitrator issues a decision that is filed with the Court and final. She prioritizes finding a fair and mutually satisfactory outcome without resorting to a trial.

Unique Judicial And Business Experience

For 19 years, Ms. Mattingly served as a Magistrate Judge for Marion County, Indiana (Indianapolis). This rare judicial experience helps her to see both sides of a complex issue and means that she has exceptional, in-depth knowledge of the law and administrative procedures. She also has a Master of Business Administration, which is very useful when working with clients who are valuing and dividing business assets.

Discuss Amicable ADR Services Today

Not every dispute requires litigation. Contact Mattingly ADR in Indianapolis today for the experienced, calm resolutions you need. For additional information, please call 317-489-5497 or send her an email.